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dragonx81 Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very nice gallery.
Excellent work :D
I recently just found your deviantart, and I love all your work! Me and my cousin are only 13 years old and budding animators. The pictures I put on here are quite rubbish, as they were my first time! But im glad say its getting better... Now I was wondering, Well we was wondering if you can help make some backgrounds for one of our cartoons called NetherWorld... Its a lot too ask, and I am trying too scrap together and save up too pay you! But I really cant draw them. Its a show, set around a girl who is half witch half human. And destined too save the witchworld (netherworld) from evil. With the help off her also half human and witch, talented, best friend Mark the too go on different adventures! The show is a mix between fantasy, campfire stories, Greek myths and legends as well as a daily drama life. We just need someone as talented and creative as you too help us out. Because my backgrounds really don't fit the show :( (Sad)  Please? 
Amazing gallery you have here 
The ones with Houses are the best. I love everyone of them
amazing gallery! i love every work!
j'adore votre galerie
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